PlayStation®4 User’s Guide Logging in and logging out

A maximum of 4 people can log in to the PS4™ system at the same time. When multiple users are logged in and a user presses the PS button on the controller, that user’s home screen is displayed.

Logging in

The screen for selecting a user is displayed when you turn on the PS4™ system or connect a controller. To log in, select a user and follow the screens.
When you select [New User], you can register a new user and log in, or log in as a guest.

  • When you connect a controller, a color is assigned to the user of the controller and the controller’s light bar lights up. The color that is assigned to the user depends on the order in which the controller is connected. The first user is blue, the second is red, the third is green, and the fourth is pink.
  • You can automatically log in when you turn on the PS4™ system. For details, see “Log In to PS4 Automatically”.
  • You can also automatically log in by having the camera compare your face to your face data. If you set a checkmark in (Settings) > [Login Settings] > [Enable Face Recognition], the camera recognizes your face when you log in.
    If you have not added your face data or if you want to create a new user, press the button on the controller corresponding to [Cancel] to exit the face recognition screen. Then log in by selecting a user or creating a new user.
  • You can set the passcode used when logging in. For details, see “Passcode Management“.

Logging out

The following methods are available. To log out, you must use your own controller.

  • Select (Power) from the function screen, and then select [Log Out of PS4].
  • Press and hold the PS button for at least 1 second, and then select [Log Out of PS4] on the screen that is displayed.
When you turn off the power or put the system into standby mode, all users are logged out.

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