Furla Candy Gomma M Top Handle Bag


Furla Candy Gomma M Top Handle  3 Furla Candy Gomma M Top Handle Bag 2 I LOVE it
I love this bag, I think it is fun and feminine.
the color and material of the bag are very nice and flashy, the only thing is that if you choose the color MAUVE is not that pink as seen in the picture.
is very feminine love

Soooooo cute! Nothing but compliments. This bag does NOT come with straps! The feel is buttery soft and I just love it. Oh, you don’t really smell the bag until you open it but it only lasts for a few sec. Great bag!!!!!

its big enough and pretty ‘ you would like itbut smell is kinda strong, I just receive it and feel uncomfortable with the plastic smell

 Does qnyone knows if color Grigio fume is transparent? Or if the bags are trnasparent or do they have any linning inside? Thanks!

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