PLAYSTATION 4 Hardware part names

PlayStation®4 user manual


A )Disc slot
B )Power indicator
Lights up in white Powered on
Lights up in orange Standby mode
Turned off Powered off
Blinks in red The PS4™ system is overheating.
Turn off the system, and wait until later to use it.
C )Power button
D )USB port
E )Eject button


A )AC IN connector
C )HDMI™ OUT port
D )LAN port
E )AUX port

DUALSHOCK™4 wireless controller

For details on using the controller, see “Using the wireless controller“.


A )Directional buttons
B )SHARE button
C )Touch pad/Touch pad button
The touch pad button functions when the touch pad is pressed.
D )Speaker
E )OPTIONS button
F ) button/ button/ button/ button
G )Right stick/R3 button
The R3 button functions when the stick is pressed.
H )PS button
I )Stereo headset jack
J )Extension port
K )Left stick/L3 button
The L3 button functions when the stick is pressed.


A )R1 button
B )R2 button
C )Light bar
D )L1 button
E )L2 button
F )USB port

Mono headset

Use this by connecting it to the stereo headset jack on the controller.

A )Earpiece
B )Microphone
C )MIC switch
D )Clip

When using the microphone, it is recommended that you also stabilize it by attaching the clip to your clothing.


A )Microphone array
B )AUX connector
C )Dual lenses
D )Status indicator

A camera might not be included depending on country, region, and model.


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