Playstation 4 Conneting to the network

The PS4™ system can connect to the Internet with a wired connection or wireless connection.
Prepare the network environment you use, and then see “Set Up Internet Connection” to set up the connection.

Connection example with a LAN cable (for a wired connection)

A )LAN port
B )LAN cable
C )Router
D )Internet connectivity device such as a modem
E )To the Internet

Connection example with Wi-Fi (for a wireless connection)

Actual connections and settings might vary depending on the types of devices you use, such as the access point. Refer to the instructions supplied with your device.

A )Access point or wireless router
An access point is a device used to wirelessly connect to the network.
A wireless router is a device that functions as a router and access point. You must use a router if you want to connect the PS4™ system and other devices to a single Internet connection at the same time.
B )Internet connectivity device such as a modem
C )To the Internet

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