The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season (2011)

The Walking Dead continues the story of (former) Police Officer Rick Grimes and his band of normal-world-refugees across a world suddenly infected by a Walking Dead sickness. I wont get into characterization too much other than to say there is a hodge podge to choose from. I read the first 12 issues of Robert Kirkman’s epic graphic novel The Walking Dead back in 2006. Some you will like, some you wont. Add in a little imagination as to how you would survive in such a world and the show is quite compelling. Some will be easy to identify with and others will really make you think about what choices YOU would make in their place. Has the TV series taken some liberties and made changes to the story(ies) presented in the graphic novel? Sure. But are those liberties just as well told as Kirkman originally laid out? So far so good. All will surprise you at some point and you may just cheer for the most unlikely of heroes as well as the obvious ones. If you can handle the gore – this is a show not to be missed.Reading some of the other reviews, some people seem to be very disappointed. Why surprisingly? Because it is a rare occasion that a film or TV adaptation is as good as and so true to the source material. This is one of the best shows on TV. The gist of the disappointment seems to be that there isn’t enough zombies, not enough action, that its turning into a soap opera. I still love this series. I have since the first. I was so afraid it would get canceled, like so many of my other favorite shows, and have been happy that is hasn’t. Why? Because as far as the graphic novel issue-by-issue storyline parallel to the TV series goes, I would guesstimate that the TV series is MAYBE through only about the first dozen issues.
Actually, so far: excellent! Kirkman’s oversight has brought The Dead to life in this surprisingly fabulous adaptation of the graphic novel series. Oh man, this show has it all. Have you ever watched a scary show or movie & been screaming at the characters, “what in the hell are you doing man! Don’t go off in the dark alone! Don’t leave your gun! Moron!!!” We’ve seen great development of Lori and Derril, and Shane even. I feel the exact opposite of the negative reviews. I am more engaged now than ever. The zombies themselves are disgustingly well done and gross and the gore is quite graphic and realistic. When a zombie bites into someone’s neck and rips the flesh free and blood spurts and sprays…it looks real.

Civilization has been replaced by vicious hordes of the undead. To that, I say, did you honestly expect there to be a whole series that is nothing but zombie chase after zombie chase? Entire episodes of killing zombies? There has to be a human element, a human dynamic, or in my opinion you don’t have a TV show but a video game. But at its core, the story is much less about zombies and more about what happens to society, its morals, laws and standards when government is lost and the planet becomes mostly uninhabitable. What they do, how they survive, the relationships that are made when the basic tenents of society as we know it have been broken down. I’d watch something like that even if there were no zombies.


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