When I said “whooot?” ;)

Catatan Kecil Afrina Karenina

Before this thing happened, I never really experienced any worst illness in my life. catatan kecil afrina whoot Even for some people, this illness I got now is not really that worst. I used to feel “I’m fine” and I was always fine. Until those crazy symptoms happened, twice. And I said, “whoooot?”.

I became so weak and slow and sometimes disoriented and absent-minded, which is not cool at all. I have gone to some doctors, got USG checked and saw how it went. Some people said that it would get worst and all doctors suggested me to do the surgery. Again, I said, “whoooot?”

After all, I learned something from this:

  1. Be grateful when you are in the state of health.
  2. Be grateful you don’t get any worse illness than you have now.
  3. Faith. Have a positive thinking that you will be recovered soon. This is the most important one.
  4. Go to doctors, but for some reason I prefer herbal science to medical science, regarding the side-effects. I can’t believe that herbal science is even able to cure cancer. I employ both, though.
  5. Check your condition regularly.
  6. Live healthier, fruits and vegetables.
  7. Embracing every cell of my body to work with me to fight any disease and “strange” thing in my body.
  8. Stay away from stress.
  9. Random act of kindness. Care for others. Sodaqoh.
  10. Be happy.  Work happily. Laugh happily. Smile happily.
  11. Turn to God. As for religious reason, the sickness we got will diminish our sins in the past. Also ask for forgiveness from Him.

There’s something not right about my immunity system that makes me sick easily. But I believe, I am going to recover soon and become more active me, insya Allah. Please pray for me, everyone! Live long and prosper! Oh, and healthy! I am not gonna say "Whooooot?" this time. Hohoho.. Ciao!


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