Kul Portable Air Conditioner Manual

Kul Portable Air Conditioner Manual – Ladies and gentleman, welcome to User Manual Guide blog. We will update daily all information that related the user manual guide PDF download. Here we provide the free download link for the Kul Portable Air Conditioner user manual. Check the review below so you could get more information.

According to epinions, Down here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, it’s not unusual for the temperature to rise above 100 degrees during the summer. In fact, it’s 101 outside right now as I write this review on the first of August. The air conditioner in my house struggles with this kind of heat, and during the afternoon it gets up to 80+ degrees inside my home even with the air blowing full blast. I’ve talked to many friends about this and they are all having the same problem right now in this heat.

In order to help offset our central air conditioning system during the peak hot days, my wife and I decided to buy this Kul 8500 BTU Portable Air Conditioner from Lowes for $299. We had considered getting a window unit, but preferred the idea of having a portable A/C that we could move between rooms. During the day, especially on weekends, we set it up to blow in the living room. In the evening, we hook it up in our bedroom to cool things down for the night. Even at night, the temps are still in the 80’s down here. Wanna get one? Just simply click the photo below.

This portable A/C unit is about the size of an office garbage can, although it weighs a good 50 pounds. It has wheels on the bottom and handles on the side, but it’s not too hard to push across carpet. It has an air conditioning mode, a dehumidifier mode, and regular fan mode. You can also program it so that it cuts off when it reaches that temperature. The cold air blows out of a large opening on top.

Download Kul Portable Air Conditioner Manual or get your new KUL Portable Air Conditioner 8,500 BTU 3-Speed Oscillating Fan


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