Sophie was founded in Jakarta in 1994. The Core industry is design and distributes products that has a genuine touch. Products include: Garment, Handbag, Shoes, Costume Jewelry and Cosmetics. All products are sold through the Multi-Level Marketing scheme with a brand new catalogue published every 2 months,This company has over A million active members who sell over 50,000 products daily and receive almost a million dollars in bonuses.
Having established a stronghold in the market, this company is expanding overseas. In 2002 the first regional office was set up in the Philippines and in 2008 the company opened a subsidiary in Morocco. Headquartered in Jakarta, Sophie has its own corporate head office, a 7-flight tower in south Jakarta, which houses a showroom, design studio, a research lab and a complete range of facilities.
Sophie is a truly global enterprise. It employs 500 people from over 10 countries: Indonesian, India, Korea, Italy, and France just to mention a few. Always on the lookout for talent, the company is aggressively moving forward.


1. Take a 30% discount on all product purchases.
2.You can begin a Sophie Business which has a low investment of $4.25 or Php200 only.
3. You’ve got a lifetime validity membership card, without having to re-register nor to pay for annual registration.
4. Have more bonuses and rewards while you achieve the next levels.
5. Sophie Customers are a great investment to your future.
6. Sophie Business is open to young ages and sexes.
7. Flexible working hours.
8. Your level won’t be lowered on this business.
9. You’ll have support from the sponsor, Business Center and Head Office.
10. You can easily manage a Sophie Business because:

1. a catalog with approximately 650 products is published every Two months.
2. with just one catalog, marketing the items, receive a direct profit of 30% together with receive bonuses monthly.
3. we offer new trendy products for all sorts of customers.
4. the cost ranges are extremely affordable.
5. you will find many fashion products (bags, watches, wallets and belts).
6. with over 60 authorized distributors (Business Centers) and over 10,000 active members, these products are extremely very easy to get.

1. You have to be at least Fifteen years of age.
2. You have to complete and submit the Member Registration Form.
3. You have to submit a photocopy of your valid ID.
4. You have to buy a Sophie Martin Basic starter kit for just $4.25 or Php200. Within this kit, you’ll find:

1. “My First Bag”;
2. the most up-to-date catalog;
3. the Guidebook with the information regarding the Company, Training and Events, Bonus, Cosmetics Guidebook, and Member List book;
4. the Member Registration Form;
5. the Membership Card;
6. 2 Sophie Paris sample product


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