Mohammed Ali and Louis Vuitton

ali louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton released its latest campaign, ‘Core Values’. There is something special from the photo shoot, this Luxury fashion brand choose Mohammed Ali, the boxing legend as their model.

American photographer, Annie Leibovitz took the image in the backyard of this 70-year-old boxer home.

Ali seemed to pose sitting on a chair, a Louis Vuitton bag type ‘Keepall 50’ is placed at his feet. The former athlete was not performed alone. In that picture, he accompanied by his grandson Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr. (CJ), wearing casual clothes and gloves on both hands.

Ali’s wife, Lonnie Ali said that Ali himself asked to pose with her grandson.

"From all his grandchildren, CJ most like Muhammad. He even acted like his grandfather," said Lonnie, as quoted by the NY Daily News.

‘Core Values’ ia the newest Louis Vuitton campaign. According to the Wall Street Journal, this theme shows that successful people are not just posing for products.

Although this picture has been spread on the internet, this new LV campaign photo will officially appear in magazines and newspapers for the first time on June 14, 2012.


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