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Louis Vuitton loves bringing a twist in the tale and the fashion brand has done it yet again through the latest collection of sunglasses. When the rest of the world is happy with great looks, Louis Vuitton wants just a bit more. The brand believes in having ‘creative’ models as it believes that right talent is needed to carry off the brand, and according to the creatively intellectual class is ideal for modeling for the brand.

The fashion house has now roped in a coterie of talented musicians, young designers, and the other creative types to put on the Louis Vuitton shades (sunglasses) this summer. Having a creative gift is essential to showcase the French label’s recent luxury accessory meant to protect the eyes from the scorching sun.

The brand has recently signed more than a dozen international personalities and artists to model for the latest range of sunglasses. A list includes the likes of Tom Guinness (heir to the brewing dynasty; a stylist, and a model), Olympia Le Tan (creator of the book-cover clutch bags sweeping the red carpet), and Langley Hemingway (illustrator granddaughter, of a great writer).

It has been reported that the photographer Nathan Perkel has captured the happening and super talented "team" in his camera with a backdrop of improvised casting-style in a blank-canvas studio. Two names which has worked with the brand earlier too are those of Lady Mary Charteris (aristocratic London model/designer), and Annabelle Dexter Jones (daughter of Clash guitarist Mick Jones.

Breaking the norms, last year too the French fashion house had handpicked 16 up-and-coming beauties to show off its jewellery collection, and yet again has surprised the world with a choice of models for the latest collection of sunglasses from the brand.

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