Chlamydia Transmitted Disease, New Report By CDC

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It is important for sexually active young women to get tested for chlamydia. If they do not aware with this disease, it could lead them to severe health problem including infertility in their future life. U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention has taken a survey and found that only 38 percent sexually active women and girls were screened them self from common sexually transmitted disease (STD). The most common disease that infects sexually active women are Chlamydia.

Other study found that only small couple got the follow up test that recommended once they have the positive chlamydia infection. Chlamydia will caused Re-infection inf the partners leave untreated. As the result, the women will feel pain in pelvic region and ectopic pregnancies.

Director of the CDC’s division of STD prevention (Gail Bolan) estimated that 2.8 million chlamydia cases (the new cases) occur each year in U.S. The CDC recommends annual test for women aged 25 and under and sexually active. CDC recommends retesting in three months after initial treatment and do it regularly in following years.

There are some high risk groups for Chlamydia infection. This groups include black women (55 percent), those with more than one sexual partner (47 percent) and people who had no health insurance (41 percent) or relied on government-subsidized insurance (50 percent).
The study authors had no data on chlamydia testing in men as routine testing in this population is not recommended by the CDC, Hoover said.


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