Choose The Perfect Lingerie For Her (Man Course)

lingerie Choose The Perfect Lingerie For Her (Man Course)

Well gents! It’s time for us to buy the perfect lingerie for someone we love.

1.Choose The Perfect Lingerie Size

Do not buy the wrong size, so you must find our her size. Peek out her lingerie drawer, look for the labels include number and letter, you need it both.

2.Choose The Perfect Lingerie Style and Taste

Find out her favorite colors and do not buy lingerie with color that she never wears.

3. Choose The Perfect Lingerie Personality

1. Sexy Temptress: give her seductive lingerie that tempts and teases, lacy lingerie, silk touches, sheer materials

2. The luxury lady: Give her a simplicity, softness, unique boutique brands lingerie with silk material, luxury cashmere, and other rich materials

3. The designer goddess: Give her famous brands, famous lingerie labels

4. The bold vixen: Give herstrong colors, polka dots & sequins lingerie. Vintage style materials with bold accessories

5. The romantic ingenue: Give her frills, classic and feminine lines, floral patterns lingerie with material made from cotton and satin, somewhat traditional but demure materials


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